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I am Brazilian, piscean and traveller. Working as a yacht stewardess gives me the oportunitty to be close to the ocean, which is where I always wanted to be. This blog is the result of a desire to share my life with people who are seeking for a new adventure and also to help those who cross my path. Welcome to my world!
The most difficult part of living on a Yacht
It’s time to talk about it
16/01/2017 - Updated on 07/04/2017 03h34

There is one inevitable question that I hear quite often and that is “what’s the down side of living at sea?”. I think it's time to talk about it.
When I decided to take the job as a stewardess, I had to give up on many things. I was living in Australia, just started a career that I worked hard to get, I had a fairly stable life, good friends, nice routine, I was pretty much settled.
As a foreign in another country, have all this was a big achievement that I did not want to give up on.
When I decided to say yes to the job, I knew I was leaving another Sabrina behind. I knew that I was about to start all over again for the second time.
I have to admit that, at that moment I felt a little frightened and I even thought of giving up. But the idea of traveling and being at sea spoke the loudest.
Well then, lets pack the bags! Space is something very restricted on board boats, so I needed to get rid of several things - which was, by the way, the best part of the whole change.
For the second time, I sold what I could in order to make some extra money, I took with me only what I could fit in my backpack. What I didn’t expect was that the heaviest weight on my luggage was the thousand kilos of homesickness I was carrying and it has been part of my luggage wherever I go.
When I left Brazil a few years ago, I thought I had mastered all this homesick situation. I thought that moving from Australia to the world would not mess with my feelings, but it did.
Here’s my thought: on the boat, you miss people more than usual, you feel the need to talk and you have a crazy desire to share everything that you see and do – big shout out to technology for the dozens of ways to communicate with everyone, anywhere in the world.

Loneliness is different here. It’s like having all these wonderful times without having someone close to share. Wanting to put emotion and feelings into words that don’t even exist. I try, but I know that whatever I say will not be as great as the moment I lived because the experiences are so unique and most of times, not possible to describe it.
Besides all this, the most difficult part for me is dealing with the pain of missing important moments in the lives of people who are important for me. Weddings of loved ones, the celebration of my father's 50th birthday and my sister's 15th birthday. These are some very important dates that will never happen again.
I had to make my choice. I chose my job and it came full of feelings and achievements that are important for my life and my inner growth.

My family and friends not just understand me, but also support my choices and that makes all the difference. It allows me to move forward without looking back. 

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