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The best of Fiji
I selected a few, but good things that not everyone who visits Fiji does
15/01/2017 - Updated on 10/04/2017 21h42
Fiji is an incredible place for those who like to go scuba diving. What we find on the bottom of the ocean is too incredible for words. Schedule a trip to Ed’s Bar if you're one of those people who like to get acquainted with the locals. Get ready for the Kava ritual, with a drink made from a root. See also how they prepare the Lovo, a dish cooked beneath the earth. 
Visiting Fiji is like being in paradise. The turquoise blue water, the incredibly beautiful and gorgeous nature, the friendly local community and the outdoor sports options put Fiji on top 5 of the bucket list of any human being.

Fiji is located in the Pacific and consists of 333 islands. As much as I would love to, getting to know them all, it’s impossible! The capital is Suva, but regular flights are operated at Nadi airport from which aircraft take off and arrive from Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco. A four-month visa is granted to those who visit the country, but the passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your stay in the country. 
I selected a few, but good things that not everyone who visits Fiji does. And others that are close to my heart that I want to keep as a reminder – it might also be an option.
I could write this article based on the typical Top 10 with the best things to do in Fiji. To be very honest, I could write 20 or 30 best things you should do in Fiji. But the truth is that you find these articles anywhere and after spending five months in Fiji it would be unfair with you if I offered a reading with no differential. It would also be unfair with me because in the future I want to be able to come back to this blog and read about my memorable experience in Fiji. 

In Fiji you will have the opportunity to visit Cloud 9, a floating bar in the middle of the Pacific. Take one day to visit three refreshing walks: go to the Sri Siva Subramaniya Hindu Temple, have a bath in a mud pool, and meet the orchids and native plants of Garden of Sleep Giant. 
And if you want to see the scenario of two major Hollywood movies, visit the Monuriki and Yasawa islands. Want to know what movies were made there? Click on the link to find out :).

In Fiji you will often hear the expression "Bula"…"Bula" here, "Bula" there, "Bula" everywhere. "Bula" is the Fijians’ nice way to say "hi" and make you feel welcome. Bula!
In return for all the affection of the Fijians, it’s only fair to know a bit more of their language. For “Thank you” say “Vinaka” and If you want to say “Thank you very much”, say “Vinaka vaka levu”.
There’s no hurry in Fiji. There’s no time set for anything. And let’s be honest, this is how holidays should be, don’t you agree?  In restaurants, remember to order before you get hungry.  Trust me, the food will arrive exactly the moment your stomach starts to growl.
Heading to Fiji any time soon? Leave us a comment, a question, a Bula! I’ll be more than happy to try to help you.


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