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I am Brazilian, piscean and traveller. Working as a yacht stewardess gives me the oportunitty to be close to the ocean, which is where I always wanted to be. This blog is the result of a desire to share my life with people who are seeking for a new adventure and also to help those who cross my path. Welcome to my world!
How to apply for a Stewardess position
The first tip is...
07/03/2017 - Updated on 07/04/2017 02h37
Now that you know what course you should take and which certificates the boat might require, I shall share some important tips that will help you apply for a Stewardess position. 

1 - Having good experience in hospitality such as hotels, bars or restaurants as a waitresses, maid or butler for instance. This kind of experience will be important not only on the selection process, but also on the development of your daily activities on the yacht.

2 - The ability to relate and establish good relationships with people is another strength that should be emphasized in your CV. Leave out everything that is not related to what I mentioned on the first tip –  there's no room for beating around the bush!  - this may cost you your dream job, so don't risk it! Be honest in regards to your experiences and have a specific CV exclusively for work onboard yachts.

3 - Put a picture in your CV. We don’t always look good on those passport pictures, but this is the kind of picture you are going for here, just a bit more relaxed. Try to take a picture that shows your personality, put your best smile on and show your happiness through this one little photo, because these are indispensable requirements for the job.

4 - Good news! Experience is not always required, I can assure you that. However, in order to enter the yacht world having someone put in a good word for you may help a lot. It is not unusual to see a crew recommending their friends and relatives to the boat they're working on.

5 - In order to see jobs oppotunities try to sign up to as many crew agencies as possible. Don’t be frightened by the amount of courses they have available for you tick the box, some people might have them all, some don't. If I could give you my best advice to help you find a job and break into the industry, that would be: Find a place where you are willng to start looking for jobs - for example St. Maarten, Ft. Lauderdale, Sydney... - and do a Stewardess course with one of the local agencies. It’ll not only help you understand the yachtie world, but you'll also get to know poeple, that know people, that know people... - if you know what I mean ;) - The cost depends on the agency, but it's usually quite pricey.

6 - Another way to be aware of jobs on yachts is to join Facebook groups. Search for “yacht jobs” join the groups, turn on the notifications and wait for something to come up. I usually get new posts notifications every day.

 7 - English is usually an essential. Some might require it as your first language, not my case, but it all depends on which boat you'll work on. Boats and crews are most likely to be international, for this reason, make sure you are confident when speaking, writing and listening in english. 

8 - Try not to focus on finding only full time jobs right from the start. Day work kind of jobs are great to gain experience. Therefore, dockwalking is always welcome when looking for jobs whether for the experienced ones or for green, keen and ready to clean :) - on a side note, never walk onto a boat without first getting permition.

Now that you have all the tips, do you feel ready to go? Or are we still missing something here? Please leave your comment below.


Thank you for your comment!
Robsonem 09/03/2017, às 11h41
Olá, tudo bem ?
Achei interesse essa profissão. Agora qual o salário médio pago para esses profissionais?

All the best.
The Yacht Stewardessem 11/03/2017, às 21h40
Ola, Robson. Tudo bem e voce? Entao, o salario depende muito do tamanho do barco, do cargo e claro, da experiencia. Em media, $38 mil USD por ano. Mas como disse, depende de alguns fatores. 
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