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Exploring Taveuni, the fifth-largest island in Fiji
Visiting Fíji without going to Taveuni is one of the biggest sins that a traveler can make
30/03/2017 - Updated on 06/04/2017 08h52

Fiji has 332 islands and Taveuni is one of them. That’s the place where I decided to spend my well-deserved mini holiday; after 33 days with no rest, all I needed was to relax.
Those who usually visit Fiji choose to stay close to main land and that includes the Mamanuca and Yasawas archipelagoes. However, Taveuni is wonderful and going to Fiji without visiting it is one of the greatest sins that a traveler can make.

Dean and I spent three days on the island. We had such an incredible time, so I decided to split the article according to the days we were there so you can read a bit more in detail of what we discovered in that paradise.
To get there, we took a little plane that had room for no more than 10 people. We boarded the flight at 8 am and it lasted less than an hour to get there. From taking off to landing, the landscape was simply breathtaking. There were stunning mountains and numerous tones of blue that I had never seen before. The trip had already started very well!

We took the day to relax, after all, we really needed those day offs. We stayed at Aroha Taveuni in a bungalow only 10 steps from the ocean. When I wrote this article, I was sitting right there, enjoying every second of peace and calm that the place emanated.

The en-suite had an outdoor shower, which allowed us to watch the sunset while having a shower. That was a perfect way to relax after busy day of adventure.

I can’t really find words to describe Taveuni, enchanting and peaceful are the least I could say about it.
The breakfast at Aroha Taveuni is served with pawpaw, the sweetest I've ever tasted, pineapple, watermelon and mango, they are common fruits on the island, hence they are served every morning abundantly.
We finished breakfast and our ride was already waiting for us. As usual, our destination was the sea, we were on our way for an amazing dive. Water was so transparent and calm that it looked like a mirror. 

The first dive was at the famous Rainbow Reef. I've never seen so many fish together in just one place. Different types, sizes, colors… There were a lot, enough to turn the bottom of the sea into a perfect traffic jam. Needless to say about the coral, the most vibrant colors that might exist were there, deep in the ocean. The dive lasted 45 minutes and we went to 20-meter’s deep.
This was my second diving experience and it was not much different from the first time – absolutely idyllic. Many fish, many colors and to make it all better, this time I found a lobster hidden behind the coral, and a cute baby shark.
Next article you will read about my expectations to find sharks, turtles, mantas… but what I found was much better than that.


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Julieem 22/06/2018, às 04h08
Hi Sabrina!
Love Taveuni and the Fijians! We stayed with a family and it was hard to say goodbye. Next time you go, check out the Gaiatree Sanctuary!
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