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Special encounters in Taveuni
We will miss their pure smiles, the sincere hugs and the knowledge that you can be happy with very little
02/05/2017 - Updated on 02/05/2017 22h43

Our stay in Taveuni made a great impression on me. We met really special people there. You'll see what I mean.
While Dean and I rested at the hotel under a parasol near our bungalow, a group of about 50 children played at the sea in front of us.

We quickly made our drone fly near them. Some were on horseback, others were climbing coconut trees, but all of them got ecstatic after seeing something so foreign to them.

After all the pictures and videos, we were surprised with an invitation: they invited us to accompany them to a natural waterslide. With an enticing speech and emphasizing that it wasn't far from our location - "it's right nearby", they said -, we didn't have the guts to say no. 
Under a scalding 30ºC sun, we followed them to the attraction. While we walked, we were able to find out more about this charismatic and welcoming tribe. We heard amazing stories, like the time they decided to have a shark as a pet. It was the largest they had ever seen and, therefore, they decided to keep it. Imagine that! The joke didn't go far. The shark quickly set itself free and swam out into the ocean.

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We also found out that Sundays are church-going days. After 11:00 AM, however, it's a free day for fun activities, including swimming, riding the natural waterslide, playing volley or rugby. In fact, congratulations are in order for the Rugby 7 team for their victory at the Rio 2016 Olympics.  Most kids dream of becoming a rugby player when they grow up - including the girls. This olympic achievement shall inspire them further.
While on our way, we passed by a rehabilitation center - that's how people call jail in Fiji. The center is located at the top of a mountain with a sea view, with a garden filled of fruits - including pineapple - and vegetables. Everything that is planted is intended to be consumed by the inmates. The prison has a unique structure, in that you can see the inmates during their sunbath, either practicing physical exercises or minding the garden. If it weren't for the children, we wouldn't have guessed that it was a jail.


After so many stories, you can imagine that the waterslide wasn't as close as we thought. After a 5 km walk, we finally arrived. The place was full of children and adults of all ages. During school holidays, the nearest tribes ride their boats in order to spend the day there. It surely must become chock-full of people.

We ended our day with the children leading us back to our hotel. "We brought you here, so we might as well bring you back".  When saying goodbye, they offered us mangoes, coconuts and papayas for the next day. Of course we said yes! Then, we relaxed and watched a beautiful sunset - it was an absolute spectacle!

There they were, the morning after, with the promised fruit in hand. In exchange, we offered them pizza. It's hard to describe the joy that filled those kids' eyes. They sat there and, in minutes, ate the whole pizza up, but not without saving a few slices for their families. When they said their goodbyes, they said they'd miss us and asked us to come back when they went on holiday so we could play together again. We will miss their pure smiles, the conversations without malice, the sincere hugs and the knowledge that you can be happy with very little. We will be back, for sure!

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