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Gardens by the Bay: the most daring garden in the world
About 90% of the garden is dedicated to sustainability
09/05/2017 - Updated on 09/05/2017 22h30

As I said in the post about Singapore, some say the Gardens by the Bay are the most impressive and daring gardens ever created. This was where I could confirm what I have attempted to explain before: Singapore is the country of the future!
About 90% of the garden is dedicated to sustainability and to the efficient use of natural resources.
There you may find many attractions such as two giant greenhouses: the Flower Dome, with a cold and dry atmosphere that is ideal for flowers; and the Cloud Dome, with a cold and moist atmosphere for leaves - this dome includes what is considered considered to be the largest indoor waterfall in the world! The Domes are covered, from end to end, by a special glass that manages to capture sun heat in order to maintain the perfect weather for the flowers and trees. On hotter days, a roof - that operates like a curtain - is opened in order make some shade for the pretty plants below.
Of course, I cannot refrain from discussing the magnificent Super Trees. These are 18 giant trees that, with their photovoltaic cells, absorb sunlight and generate enough energy to illuminate the entire garden at night, as well as themselves. Some of them have gigantic water tanks that store rain water for later irrigation of the other plants at the site.

I took this beautiful ride at my last day in Singapore, when I had more time to enjoy the garden without any hurry. To my despair, however, it rained all day. The garden, excluding the Domes, is situated outdoors. You can imagine that I wasn't able to enjoy it like I originally intended to. The raincoat was useful, but the rain was intense.L
If you're interested in visiting the garden, my suggestion is to schedule the ride for around 16h (4pm). Go to both domes - the cost is around $75 SGD - and stay until nightfall. See the trees during the day and check out their beautiful lighting at night. In regards to technology, this was one of the most amazing attractions. It really looked like the movie Avatar. Do you remember that?

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