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Reasons to visit Myanmar
If you enjoy diving into new cultures, you'll always have reason to visit Myanmar
30/05/2017 - Updated on 30/05/2017 11h48


Still relatively unknown to tourists, Myanmar officially opened its doors to tourism in 2012. The country is quite large in geographical terms. It is located at the south of Asia and borders with Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh, China and India. Its history is notable and, if you enjoy diving into new cultures, you'll always have reason to visit Myanmar.
Some call it Myanmar, others still call it Burma. The name change took place at the time of the military regime, which, amazingly, lasted for 54 years and ended only in 2016.  Censorship in the country became milder thanks to the liberation of hundreds of political prisoners, including Aung San Suu Kyi, the woman who represents the opposition to the old regime and who did and does a lot for the country.


Myanmar is now a boiling cauldron, already transformed by the boom of tourism – I even realized that the prices tehre are higher than in other Asian countries, Singapore notwithstanding. I fear that the country isn't quite handling it well. The approach of salesmen, whether for souvenir sales or for tourist rides, is still too pushy and unskilled. Everything is happening so fast in Myanmar that, I dare say, when this post is published, a lot will already have changed.

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But Myanmar isn't just politics. Its population is one of the most generous, charismatic, kind and proactive I have evermet. I believe that stems from the strong buddhist tradition, a life style followed by over 80% of the population. They are also skilled craftsmen and make true works of art with precious stones in the country, such as rubys, jades and lapis-lazuli.
The country requires a visitor's visa. Since we were in Bangkok, we obtained ours right there. You can apply in the morning and pick it up at the end of the day. However, I have read in blogs that the online visa option is easy, efficient and costs US$50.


In total, we visited four cities in 12 days: Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon, exactly in that order. Mandalay and Yangon are large cities. Mandalay is smaller but not less maddening, with the car horns and pollution. Bagan is a temple garden and won my heart - the military regime was also responsible for refusing the request for UNESCO to grant the title of World Heritage to the spectactular temples in Bagan. Finally, Inle Lake was a spectacle in itself. There I met one of the most kind and respected people ever. I had the pleasure of spending two nights at a mosque where over a thousand children live. What I saw there will be the subject of multiple stories here in the blog.

The beauty of Myanmar is natural, raw, not "touristy" – everything is still new there and there aren't many choices for scenic rides. Ideally, find a driver and plan your destination as the chips fall.  Come with time, love and patience. They need that more than money.

In the following posts I'll tell you why I was so charmed by Myanmar. If you are scheduling a trip to the country, share your questions here. 

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