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Inle Lake: a must-see for tourists in Myanmar
In this lake, fishermen danced "ballet" with the cage, which used to be for fishing
06/06/2017 - Updated on 06/06/2017 00h00

Inle Lake is famous among tourists for multiple reasons. The first of them being the Inle lake, admirable for its floating houses and gardens. 22 kilometers long and 10 km wide, the lake is located in a valley, which makes it a must-see for Myanmar visitors.
We left at 07:30 AM from Bagan to Inlay Lake. The ride cost us $18,000 MMK and we were entitled to everything in the bus: comfort, blankets, pillows, water, sodas and crackers. In brief: we slept really well.
We arrived at Inle Lake  at 04:30 PM and immediately faced chilling cold weather. Before leaving the bus, each of us paid $13,500 MMK for what they call the park fee. After that, we climbed out of the bus and the tuk-tuks were ready to take us to the hotel. They cost $2,000 MMK per person and hold up to 10 passengers.

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When we got to the hotel, we rested and, before lunch, explored the town – which was tiny itself, with merely a dozen streets. We scheduled a boat ride so we could see the famous lake and its fishermen. The ride for two people cost $9,000 MMK and lasted for three hours.
We took two rides at the lake, one to contemplate the sunset and the other to explore the lake, to watch the sunrise – which did not happen, because the sky was too cloudy – and to visit a few villages, markets and the floating gardens, which also didn't happen. Unfortunately, I had a slightly nasty cold and thought I shouldn't push my luck that day.
As soon as the rain started, we went back to the hotel. However, before we finished the ride, I noticed something in the lake. It was the famous fishermen.
On the lake, there are two types of fishermen: the real deal and those that, unfortunately, are there just to have their picture taken. I must be honest, both are amazing. However, one of them dances "ballet" with the cage, which used to be for fishing. You have to pay to take pictures of the "ballet dancers". Yes! I was also shocked when I found out we had to pay to take pictures of a fisherman that wasn't actually fishing, but rather making poses for tourists.

Meanwhile, the real fisherman rowed, threw his net and fished, all at the same time, working hard to earn much less than the ballet fishermen were making. I heard they charged up to US$ 10 for the pictures! Of course, I refused to pay, so I have no pictures of the ballet dancers to show you. However, if you want to know the difference between those and the oens below, search "Inle Lake Fishermen" online. You'll find the images easily, but bear in mind that they are not fishing and that they charge a fortune for that routine.

On the next day, we took cooking lessons at a place called Bamboo Delight Cooking Class. I have no words to express my gratitude and admiration for Pu Sue, the lady that offers the course. Sue, as we call her, has a sad life's story, but it's beautiful at the same time. She insists on telling it to everyone who takes the course and it became a seven-page booklet. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't quite up to snuff that day and had to go back to the hotel during class. Dean finished the course and came back with the best news I could have wanted to hear! Basically, she gives cooking courses and directs 50% of the proceeds to the construction of a library and classrooms, which shall hold an English school in the future for about 50 local children. Isn't that amazing?
I think it's important and interesting to know as much as you can about each country you go to. This is why we travel after all. Exchanging cultures and experiences, always learning a little more. Isn't that right?

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