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I am Brazilian, piscean and traveller. Working as a yacht stewardess gives me the oportunitty to be close to the ocean, which is where I always wanted to be. This blog is the result of a desire to share my life with people who are seeking for a new adventure and also to help those who cross my path. Welcome to my world!
An unexpected date
We were really good friends and I thought that was enough.
12/06/2017 - Updated on 12/06/2017 18h55


The other day someone asked me about Dean (@theyachtchef). "Who is he?" - she said. That was when I realized that, even though I talk about him in many posts, I had yet to introduce him officially to you! The time has come.
Four years ago, when I started working on this one yacht, I thought that a whole year doing this job full time would be enough to have the best experience and to see what I wanted to see. When I started, the most important factors that influenced the decision on how long to stay on the new adventure would be the distance from friends and the uncertainty on when I would be able to visit my family again.


March 2014, New Caledonia. I met Dean for the first time. He was the new chef onboard. We hit it off from the start. One day off was enough for us to plan a tour in order to explore the country where we were at.
It was pretty clear to me that having a relationship with someone I would see for 24 hours a day, seven times a week, would be too intense for my like. Knowing myself, it would not work out. Besides, one of the captain’s rules was that there should be no relationships between crew members - typical "Don't screw the crew!"  This is why, to be completely honest, I was focusing on seeing Dean as just a friend right from the beginning.

And then, one fine day, we both went out on a date, not a double date, just a date - him with his girl, myself with this guy that I met on Tinder – I know, you may judge me for using that app; but when you travel to small countries, this is the easiest way to make friends. Yes! Friends!


Anyway... we both had our dates set at the same time, in different restaurants. I remember that, at a specific moment, we started exchanging messages – OK, I must confess that was disrespectful with the friend I was dining with. However, it was on that moment that we decided to end our dates and return to the boat. We realized that we didn’t need Tinder to find something we had already found months before.
Ever since December 2014, we have spent almost every.sigle.day together – except for when I visit my family in Brazil.
Needless to say that my yachting life was extended, thanks to this charming and chirpy Australian boy who, besides being my partner in  all this adventure, supports me in any decision and sticks with me through thick and thin.


On my birthday, February this year, Dean surprised me with a trip to the most beautiful island in Myanmar. For two nights it was just the two of us, no one else, no internet, just us enjoying each other's company. So I end this article with a video of the most beautiful surprise he's ever made.



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