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Yacht Crew Hierarchy
The amount of crew will always depend on the size of the boat
15/06/2017 - Updated on 17/06/2017 11h25

You may have already noticed, yachts universe is virtually a world apart from the reality of jobs. Everybody knows each other.

There is a high possibility that your workplace might change everyday. You work with your colleagues, but you also live with them. Which is a lot more intense. But these aren’t the only differences in this world. In this post, I'll tell you how the hierarchy works on big yachts.
When you decide to join this universe, if you haven’t already, you’ll listen about the engine room, where the engines are; the galley, boat's kitchen; deckhand, they mind the outside of the boat, from cleaning to water activities; day head, main bathroom; Master, master cabin, most important on the boat; VIP, in case the boat has two suites,  VIP would be the second best; crew mess, where the crew eats and socializes and, in some cases, where crew cabins are located; and pothole, window through which us, internal team, watch the world go by.
The hierarchy depends on the boat, but it’s something like this: 


The size of the team always depend on the size of the boat. As you could see, the Head Chef, Chief Stewardess, Chief Officer and Chief Engineer are all in the same hierarchy. Head chef may use some help from the Sous chef and Galley Hand. The Chief Stewardess may have a 2nd Stewardess, 3rd Stewardess, Júnior Stewardess and the Head of Services.
The Chief Officer is sometimes responsible for the  Deckhands team. Purser is responsible for the accountancy.
Some boats go far beyond a common crew. It’s quite usual to find dive instructors, yoga instructors, hairdressers, make-up artists and masseurs in the world of yachts. Some of them even have their own helicopter and seaplane. Of course, the pilot is part of the crew. 

Communication, regardless of the size of the boat, is what makes the team a good team, just like any other job. The head chef is constantly communicating with the stewardess, as well as with the engineer and the captain. They always communicate, for everything to work out in the best and most comfortable way possible for guests.

So tell me. Have you ever been in any of these positions or see yourself working on a large yacht? Tell us about your experiences or share your questions about the profession.

Thank you for your comment!
joana marquesem 28/10/2017, às 15h51

Eu fui massagista, recepcionista, assistente de spa manager e spa manager em cruzeiros da Pullmantur. Julgo que trabalhar num iate será muito diferente, uma vez que não se lida com tanta população. Tenho curiosidade e procuro novos desafios.

Que funções precisa ter uma adm/chefe comissária de bordo, é possível descrever?

Izabelem 19/11/2017, às 08h54
Eu ja teabalhei em geandes navios, como: Royal Caribean, mas foi somente uma temporada e como garconete. Gostaria de saber como consigo trabalhar em yachts?  Tenho experiencia em hoteis e restaurantes. Mais nenhum curso na area. Voce pode me dar umas dicas. Tenho intetesse em voltar a trabalhar nesta area. Hoje sou professora de ingles e sei que nao e minha praia.
Pode me dar dicas de como trabalhar em yachts?
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