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Detox Experience in Thailand with yoga, meditation sessions, sauna and massages
I felt rejuvenated, calmer, with more room in my mind and with a calmer heart
23/06/2017 - Updated on 23/06/2017 11h19

The Pavana is a wonderful resort. It's located in a jungle, far away from everything. The only sound we heard over there was birdsong. We were greeted by the doctor that works with detox. That was when we found out how our next four days would be.
"Semi-fasting" means three days and a half without eating anything solid. Yes! I was as shocked as you are now. Three long days only on liquids.
I even thought: "ok, if we're just drinking liquids, I won't even move too much so I can save energy. My routine will be reduced to drinking juice and sleeping. It'll be easy!".  Imagine my despair, lol.
However, besides seven juices per day, we'd also have to consume two soup broths. Just the broth – no potatoes, greens, legumes, nothing! Just the broth. Haunting. We had nine liquid meals per day. People barely have time for three daily meals, imagine nine!


This was how the program worked. At 07:00 AM, we would meditate for an hour, followed by an hour of yoga. I loved that part! I would do that every day, if it were up to me! We could hardly imagine that, between yoga and meditation sessions, we would drink juices and supplements – three capsules every three hours.
We also had to ave a daily hour for a sauna and another hour for abdomen massages. Belly massages? I asked. Yes, belly massages, before you have your colon cleanse, said the doctor. Wait! Hold the phone! Colon cleanse? Again? But I just did one! That wasn't on my plans. Here we go again for the daily colon cleanse, this time without any assistance. Every day we received a 15-liter bucket of coffee – it wasn't concentrate, but it was coffee. 

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I made a research to find out why coffee was used and found that this technique was "discovered" in the first World War by the Germans.  Without morphine to relieve the soldiers' pain, surgeons used the solution in enemas. The discovery was a result of them feeling well every time they had coffee. It worked, both for the soldiers and for me. I hope to perform a colon cleanse at least once every six months. Guys!  Was that TMI? I'm sorry, it's just that I feel so much at home here in the blog, lol!
The first day was the hardest. We still didn't know how the routine would go. There was just so much to assimilate that, with an empty stomach, it seemed like the head couldn't keep up with the body. You know? The second day was much easier; on the third day, you almost feel like staying over longer. The more days went by, the more I felt energized, light and with a great mood.

Being without solid foods for so long wasn't easy. Especially when a table with children beside us showed us the tastiest dishes in the world!  Imagine doing detox accompanied by a chef? That was no piece of cake. Everything he said went back to food. Not to mention how cross he was at me for putting him through this strange ordeal, lol! At the end, he did like it and felt the benefits of the program. He said he might even do it again!
On our last day, we had an appointment with the doctor. He gave us all the vitamins we needed to restore our intestinal flora. After so much colon cleanses and drinking only liquids, the bowels become sensitive to any solid food. Thus, we followed a diet rich in fruit and greens for three more days.
In brief, we had a meal every hour and took supplement pills every three hours. Not only that, but our routine included an hour of meditation, an hour of yoga, an hour in the sauna and daily abdomen massages before our bowel cleanse.
Whew! Intense, right? I assure you, however, that it aws one of the most noteworthy experiences in my life, not just for the lack of food, but because I ended my detox renewed, as if someone had pressed a reset button on me. I felt rejuvenated, calmer, with more room in my mind and with a calmer heart.

From now on, I'll choose what's on my plate. After all of this, is it even worth it to eat poorly? Is it worth the risk of putting my health at risk? Even though my intention wasn't to lose pounds, I left happy as a bird and almost 9 pounds slimmer - with the amount of cofee I "took" the wrong way, hahaha - but, if I don't mind my food now, my body will regret it in a few years and it'll be too late. I'm not reflecting on this casually. This is true for everybody, including for you.

But tell me! Would you go on this adventure? If you have, share your experiences with us. I'd love to know that I wasn't the only one to go through it, lol.

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