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I am Brazilian, piscean and traveller. Working as a yacht stewardess gives me the oportunitty to be close to the ocean, which is where I always wanted to be. This blog is the result of a desire to share my life with people who are seeking for a new adventure and also to help those who cross my path. Welcome to my world!
Your lifestyle can turn into a happy and successful career
I have been living and working on a yacht for 4 years. During this time, I know a different country each 6 months
27/06/2017 - Updated on 13/07/2017 21h34

Here I am, headphones on, Enya on repeat, sitting at this cute little coffee shop in Penang - Malaysia. I open my computer and start writing an article about my job and how it has brought joy to my life.
You might never thought about this, but there's always a chance that your lifestyle may turn into a happy and successful career.  Let me tell you how it happened to me. A few years ago, back in Brazil, it went something like this...
I wake up at 5 a.m. have a quick breakfast. Yes, I’m late and I can only imagine the bad mood I’ll have to deal with for arriving 5 minutes late at work.
I take the bus to work at 6 a.m.
I get there at 8:05 a.m.
“Late again?”  He didn’t say it, but I felt it. My stomach feels.
The doctor says: “It’s gastritis due to all the stress!”
I remember as If it was yesterday. I was sitting at my office in Sao Paulo watching a airplane pass by the window thinking “One day, I'll be there." At that time, I had never been to an airport, much less on an airplane. I was 24 and the only places I knew was São Paulo and its outskirts.
It wasn’t a moment of desperation, neither was I chasing a better lifestyle - despite my gastritis - After some delays, I made it to prove that my work was worth even with 15 minutes delay due to the chaos of São Paulo. 
But what exactly happened to make me change?
Inicially, the urge to learn a new language was an open door to excite my will to leave Brazil. I chose Australia. I had no clue Australian english was going to be so challenging! Seven years studying english wasn’t of much help when I got lost in a neighborhood and couldn’t find my way home. Was I scared? Hell yeah! Was I distressed? You bet! Did I feel like going back home? Nope! I was completely lost, and I loved it.
I know São Paulo by heart, and still, I’d spend around 4 hours in traffic going and coming back from work. I read a book, listened to music, studied. I was always trying to seize the four "free" hours I had daily, only of course, if I were lucky enough to find a spot to sit. Yet there I was, in another country, lost and unable to speak the local language, but I had no time wasted.
When people ask what I was most surprised about when I moved overseas they often expect something like food, culture or language. But my surprise was to arrive at home at 2:00 p.m. and have done everything I needed to do - studied, worked, spend some time at the beach, go for a quick stroll - and stiil have free time to enjoy! That was awesome!

Two years went pass, I was finally able to reach the level of fluency in englsih that I wanted. I still got a lot to learn and I learn a little more everyday, but I could understand what people were saying, form sentences and give my opinion without fear of speaking correctly or not.
At first, I wanted to stay in Australia for only three years to learn the damn English but after two years, I knew that returning to Brazil was not part of my plans anymore.
Although I wasn’t working on something that made me fully satisfied yet, my lifestyle on the Gold Coast kept me in that happy place. I began to understand that I often didn’t like my work in Brazil because of aspects not related to the work itself. Losing four hours in traffic every day made me so stressed out that everyday was an agony to get out of bed. Not because I didn’t like what I was doing, I loved my job, but the chaos in the city was also turning into a chaos within myself.

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In Australia I worked as a waitress, housekeeper, glasser at the nightclubs and you know what? I did everything with a smile on my face. I sure wondered sometimes, “Will it ever change? Will I ever live on a perfect place AND work somewhere that actually makes me grow personally and professionally?"


The other day I was watching a video on YouTube where Steve Jobs talks about his life, called “Connecting the Dots”. He talks a bit about the moment he was adopted to the moment he became one of the most renowned names in technology.
On this video, he says that when his mother - young woman who had never been to a college - decided to put him for adoption she demanded for anyone who would adopt him to be people with studies, people that have been to college, well succeded people. 
Before Jobs was born, a lawyer and his wife were ready to welcome him - which would please his biological mother's will. However, when he was born the couple didn’t continue the adoption because they wanted a girl, not a boy. For this reason, the baby was adopted by a simple couple - father with little schooling, mother never been to college - but they promised the biological mother that they would work hard for him to go to university as she wished.
it's a 15 minute video where Jobs tells us how he thought everything was going "wrong" since his birth, until he finally looks back and realizes that "wrong" was actually life preparing him for the great move - something that clearly happened to me too!
When I realized I was not on my comfort zone anymore, away from that work from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. (8:15 p.m.) to 6 p.m. (sometimes 7 p.m., 8 p.m. ...) I could see that even though I was not in in my dream job, I had the strength and the will to go after what would really make me wake up with a smile every day.
I replaced the burden of responsibility to be good at what I did, for the chance to be a newbie in a world that was not mine. The change of a known routine and safe life not only gave a sparkle to my days, but also brought more challenges and consequently more reasons to live. It made me learn more about everything, broaden my job options even not making much sense at the moment.

But that’s not how the story ends. Steve Jobs used his calligraphy and typography classes, which at the time, he only attended because he liked to be able to develop what we have today at the word program in all computers:
Fonts. Fonts. Fonts.
After a few experiences, I started working at an aged care facility. I thought I had finally found happiness at work. I believed this was my dream job little did I know that this was just another step I had to take to get to my ireal dream job.
Later on, I received a job proposal which to be 100% honest I wasn't sure what it was. The description of the job was: you will clean (I’ve worked as a housekeeper); serve (I've worked as a waitress); organize parties (I've worked at events); for a 70-year-old couple (couldn’t end better! Bring back the aged care days!). Location? The Ocean! That's when I said YES to the job that changed my life.
Home now is on a yacht and I say home because I’m not based on land anymore. Sure, I have my parents' house that will be my shelter forever, but everything I own I carry with me.

In a small suitcase, I carry a few pieces of clothing and two pairs of shoes, but my main luggage increases. The places I visit, the countries I know, the culture I learn, these are my main luggage and I will always carry with me no matter the size of my bag.

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My profession? Yacht stewardess. I mind everything that concerns the inside of the boat. We live together and work together. An excellent life lesson for tolerance and respect for others. Together, we have the responsibility to provide the family with the best vacations possible. Such family does not live with us, they only use the yacht as "a beach house", they come and go.

I have been living and working on a yacht for 4 years. During this time, I live in a different country every 6 months. For 4 years I’ve been feeling butterflies in my stomach for every new place we go. For the happiness of waking up happy because I found my profession. For having the lifestyle I always wanted. For being near the sea and being able to balance professional freedom with my lifestyle. And I'm sure this is just the beginning of a life of adventure.

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”
― Steve Jobs

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Ispyprettyplaces em 14/07/2017, às 19h15
This is really beautiful.  I'm at a crossroads in my life right now. Pondering what the next steps towards career and lifestyle happiness is. I love the connect the dots notion and hope that my dots haven't formed one big circle haha.  A lovely,  honest post.  
Lucimaraem 04/07/2018, às 22h05
Olá, primeiramente parabéns pelo texto, muito rico em informações e uma linda experiência. Sabrina vc poderia me informar se no Brasil tem alguma agência que trabalha com yatch, ou alguma companhia de bordo para yatches??? É preciso alguma licença para trabalhar a bordo??? Por favor se possível me passe informação de como iniciar uma busca de novos rumos. Moro em Sp atualmente, mas já morei no Canadá e Irlanda e estou querendo mudar de vida ... não nasci pra viver presa nesta selva de pedras. Kkk Obrigada 
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