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20-day itinerary in Hawaii: three islands, dolphins, manta rays and lots of mileage
Hawaii has always been my dream destination. Thanks to my job as a yacht stewardess, I had the pleasure of actually going there
20/07/2017 - Updated on 20/07/2017 19h24

Who doesn't dream of visiting Hawaii? The truth is that if you've been here once in a while, or if you follow my adventures on Instagram, you must have dreamt of going there – that is, if you haven't already!
Hawaii has always been my dream destination. Thanks to my job as a yacht stewardess, I had the pleasure of actually going there. On September 2015, I was fortunate to find promotional tickets at JetStar and, with mere $500 AUS, I bought a round trip ticket between Brisbane, Australia, and Oahu, Hawaii. It was on that island that my 20-day adventure in Hawaiian lands began. In order to get to know as much as possible, as always, we divided our stay into three islands: Oahu, Maui and Big Island. The choice of islands was based on places we would like to see. I still have other islands in my list and, if it all goes well, I will be back soon!
Before I begin to tell you about my days in Hawaii, I would like to make it clear that this can, in fact, become an expensive trip if you choose to stay at luxury hotels. In my case, when I visit a country, I like to go forth and explore as much as possible. This is why we always pick a cheaper hotel or hostel – we know we'll only be there to take a shower and sleep. This is my point of view, but there are those who prefer other options and adventures.
I chose cheaper hotels so I could invest in experiences. It was only at the last island that I decided to indulge myself and stay at a more expensive hotel – a choice I ended up regretting. But I'll tell you all about it in this post. Let's go!
Don't miss the chance of spending a day at Waikiki Beach. Don't be afraid of going full tourist: buy one of those inflatable mattresses and spend the day floating on the blue sea – it's as calm as a pool.


Oahu is possibly the island with the most tourists and, consequently, the one with the most attractions. I chose a whole day to drive around the island. In Hawaii, renting cars like Mustangs, Convertible Camaros and Jeeps costs the same as renting a more popular vehicle. In the island of Oahu, we indulged ourselves for a day, rented a Mazeratti – my dream car – and drove around the island. It was a double tick in my bucket list!
I was so happy to drive a car like that that we almost didn't even stop to see anything – except, of course, for the huge waves and the surfers that attempt to ride them. I don't regret it, however. For those that are scheduling a trip to this island, don't miss Diamond Head, Cat Walk, Stairway to Heaven and Kualoa Ranch.
You know, if I had to pick my favorite island, that would be Maui. I can't really put it into words, but it has this really special charm to it. I loved the beaches, the attractions, the landscape, the food, everything!
We rented a Mustang in this island. As I said before, it's no more expensive than renting a popular car. As we did in Oahu, we drove around the island. Road to Hana is a trip that is worth taking. It's super famous due to its curves, cliffs, waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes.
We took a boatride there to Malokini, one of the three volcanic craters in the world! A Hawaiʻi State Seabird Sanctuary, Malokini is famous for its lively crystal-clear waters that have visibility of 30 to 60 meters deep! You feel like you can see just as well under water and above water. It is totally worth it!
Do you enjoy waking up early – like, at 3 AM – and experience 7ºC temperatures? Me neither, hahaha. But here it is worth it. Watching the sunrise at the National Haleakala Park is something that you won't ever forget. Get there early – there will be traffic! – and find a spot for yourself, since there will be a crowd wanting to share the same space. Finally, enjoy one of the most beautiful spectacles you will ever witness in your life.

Big Island
Last, but totally not least, we went to Big Island. The name alone says it all.  It is huge, but we still took our road trip. It was at this point that we decided to stay at a fancier hotel, the Hilton Waikaloa Village.


This hotel was so over-the-top and filled with things to do that, in order to get to our room from the front desk, we had the option of taking a monorail or a boat. Yes! There's a little river in the hotel with specific boats to take guests from one place to another. Did I like it? Not really. The hotel is nice, but it isn't really my style. I like to get in, take a bath and get out. Sure, it is worth getting to stay for a day at a hotel like this. But staying there took too much of our time. Imagine the time it took to get in and out... hahaha. If that weren't enough I found out that one of the pools was meant to keep dolphins in captivity! I just wanted to go there at night, open the gates and let the dolphins roam free.

What shocked me the most was finding out that, in that same island, you can dive with dolphins at sea for a pretty reasonable price. That was when I made another dream come true.
The Coral Reef Adventure company provides the best service – better yet, they are eco-friendly! We didn't throw any bait to attract the animals. It all went as naturally as possible. The boat approached the dolphin pack and our group, comprising only 8 people, entered the water without making a fuss. We stayed there, swimming with them until they went their separate ways.
The service was of such high quality that we went back there on the evening of the next day to dive with the manta rays – another spectacle you cannot miss! I think I enjoyed swimming with the mantas more than with the dolphins. Can you believe that?

At night, the manta rays feed. Knowing that, we went to the ocean at dusk. We were once again in a group of eight people.  We held the edge of a styrofoam board, which carried a lantern in its center. The goal is to have the light attract plankton and, consequently, manta rays. The feeling of having those huge manta rays twirling on our stomachs and opening their mouths to feed in the middle of the night was amazing! The best part was that this experience did not harm in any way the natura habitat of the manta rays.
Do you want any more tips? Try and surf Hawaiian waves, even if you're just bodysurfing. However, be very careful. The chances of entering a set of huge waves are great. You may end up like me, with sand in your hair and in every orifice of your body, but full of stories to tell.


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