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I am Brazilian, piscean and traveller. Working as a yacht stewardess gives me the oportunitty to be close to the ocean, which is where I always wanted to be. This blog is the result of a desire to share my life with people who are seeking for a new adventure and also to help those who cross my path. Welcome to my world!
Bucket list: experiences and achievements that I will accomplish during my lifetime.
My life as a yacht stewardess has allowed me to make many of my dreams come true, but there are still a lot of things in my long wishlist
22/08/2017 - Updated on 23/08/2017 20h51

There was a time in my life in which my consumer dreams were a specific pair of jeans, a specific fashionable blouse or a dress that I would wear just once at a party in which I would probably not have that much fun – precisely because of that dress. 
Whether this changes with age or whether it's part of the teenage years and the growth of every human being, I do not know. What I do know is that things have changed. A lot. 
I have always had a tinge of consumerism in my personality. When I worked in an office from Mondays to Fridays, I insisted on having at least seven pairs of shoes – one for each day of the week. Clothes? One for each day of the month. It sounds absurd – or maybe it doesn't – but the truth is that I cannot count how much money I have already "lost" due to thinking that people should not see me in the same outfit every day of the week.
When I left Brazil – click here to read the entire story –, one of the things I did to raise funds and obtain my passport was taking my clothes and shoes to a thrift shop and selling them. The truth is that I was paid $10 for the same dress that I once paid $200 for and only used once. This happened with all of the clothes I took to the thrift shop. Did that bother me? Not one bit. The truth was that the less luggage I carried the further I could travel. 
But I'm not here to talk about my journey. I'm here to tell you a bit about my bucket list, to which I add two new items for each one item that I accomplish (lol).  I do have faith that one day I'll complete the entire list. 
Here's my own list: 

Spending a month on a yoga and meditation retreat.
Visiting an actual castle.
Sleeping in an igloo in Finland under the Aurora Borealis.
Visiting the largest library in the world.
Sleeping in a treehouse. 
I had the pleasure of sleeping in a treehouse at Koh Bulone Island, in Thailand.

Adopting a puppy dog 
Going to Disneyland – when I turned 15 I had to choose between going to Disneyland or having our typical "Sweet 15". I chose the trip, but the dollar became more expensive. No travel and no party. One day eventually I'll make that dream come true.
Backpaking through South East Asia - Oh what a trip! I did this one at the begining of this year, 2017, and it was absolutely amazing! I've showed it all on my Instagram and I'm slowly telling the stories here.

Visiting Times Square.
Mangiare!!  Eating lots of pizza in Italy.
Celebrating my birthday in Las Vegas.
Taking a diving course. 
I did, and I regret not having done it sooner (read more here)


Taking my mother to her dream destination.
Living the White Christmas experience –
since it's always summer in every country where I spend Christmas, I would love to see those cinematic visions of a snow-filled Christmas.
Traveling by myself. My first trip alone was to Bali, Indonesia. After that many other trips followed and today I can state that it's really good to travel by myself.


Seeing the Hollywood sign from up close I really need to write a post about that. It happened a short while ago and I really want to tell you guys about this adventure.

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii – what a won.der.ful feeling (read more here)

Skydiving – honestly, I don't think I'll be able to make this wish come true because I am terrified of heights. But I'll leave it on the list. Maybe I'll change my mind!
Writing a letter to myself to be read in 10 years – I haven't found the inspiration yet – or rather, the courage – but I'll do it one day.
Taking pictures of animals at a Safari in Africa.
Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, eating lots of croissant and drinking coffee to the sound of the French language.
Going to a masked ball – I don't know why, but I've always wanted to do it.
Staying at a bungalow over the water at the Maldives
Launching a floating lantern in Thailand.
Visiting the seven continents.
Ice skating at Central Park.
Riding a Gondola in Venice.
Crossing the Equator line by sea –
there's an entire ceremony for people that cross the Equator line for the first time. I hope to cross it soon so that I may share this famous ceremony with you.
Riding a baloon at Cappadocia
Helping as many people as I can in the world –
this item shall never be finished but I still have to leave it here, not as a reminder, but to inspire other people to do it.
So far, this is what I've got. But I'm sure this list will increase and if everything works out right I'll have to tick off many more items soon!
What about you? Tell me what's on your bucket list!
Am I forgetting anything that should be on the list?
I'd love to know more about your list and to add more items to my own.

Thank you for your comment!
Deanem 23/08/2017, às 00h59
Love your list! Especially the last one!
The Yacht Stewardessem 23/08/2017, às 01h01
To Dean
Thank you so much Dean, it's probably my favourite one too!
Karina Murray em 23/08/2017, às 04h52
Wow that list has so many similarities to mine...is that because great minds think alike or because you are one of my besties!? Of course few things are different but very similar!!! I think we should choose choose at least a couple of things to do together??? At least the last one I am sure we will achieve together :) 
Natacha Barnaem 23/08/2017, às 10h12
Pin, eu me lembro como se fosse ontem toda a sua preparação, organização e foco antes de viajar, fomos juntas no brechó né, e lembro da mala gigante e cheia de coisas que vc levou (haha). Acho que nunca na vida vc imaginou fazer tantas coisas, e conhecer tantos lugares incríveis no mundo, como vc conheceu né!? O importante na vida é sempre acreditar!
Adorei a sua bucket list, e tenho certeza que muitos desejos que estão nela irão se realizar em breve :) Parabéns por tudo que vc tem realizado! Te admiro muito, e gostaria muito de um dia te encontrar em um desses paraísos.  
The Yacht Stewardessem 23/08/2017, às 12h33
To Karina Murray
Oh my dear friend Karina, I'm so positive that one day we will see a lot of itens on this list together, it's just a matter of time, and patience - which we don't have much haha Let's choose one set a date and do it!!! And of course, the last one. Love you xx 
The Yacht Stewardessem 23/08/2017, às 12h36
To Natacha Barna
Pin, pensei tanto, mas tanto em voce desde o momento em que comecei a escrever esse texto. Voce foi uma das pessoas mais importantes no comeco dessa trajetoria louca que virou uma descoberta do mundo para mim. Sem sua positividade e sua ajuda pra carregar a mala gigante haha eu nao teria saido dos primeiros passos. Tenho certeza minha amiga, que nos encontraremos muito em breve em um lugar desses. Obrigada de coracao pelas palavras de carinho. it means the world to me!!! Love you xx 
Nilza em 23/08/2017, às 19h56
Filha nós vamos sim para Fernando de Noronha meu sonho ainda é o mesmo . E vamos mergulhar juntas ..... Te amo 
Nilza em 23/08/2017, às 19h57
Filha nós vamos sim para Fernando de Noronha meu sonho ainda é o mesmo . E vamos mergulhar juntas ..... Te amo 
Karina Murrayem 24/08/2017, às 06h20
Letssss do it, will be in touch to seat a date to do something together ASAP, at least with a date sorted we can look forward to it! Love you more xx 
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